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K-Food Fair 2018 Hong Kong

The K-Food Fair 2018 Hong Kong was held on 17th-19th October at Hong Kong Cultural Center Piazza, Tsim Sha Tsui by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation. Booths were showcasing various Korean food, local snacks and agricultural products. We have prepared different kinds of Korea healthy food for visitors to try! 由韓國農林畜產食品部及韓國農水產食品流通公社主辦嘅香港韓國食品節2018係10月17至19日一連三日於尖沙咀文化中心露天廣場舉行。食品節中有多個美食攤位展示韓國人氣食品, 地道小食同埋當造農產品。我地都展出咗唔同嘅韓國健康食品,仲提供咗試食俾大家試下添! Popular Korean girl idol group MAMAMOO was the special guest for the opening ceremony, they have visited our booth and have a taste of our snacks! 主辦商仲邀請咗韓國人氣女團MAMAMOO作開幕嘉賓,佢地都有嚟到我地嘅攤位試食零食啊!佢地要保持咁完美嘅身段緊係要靠健康天然嘅零食去抵抗零食嘅誘惑啦!

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Belt and Road exhibition

Elaia joined Belt and Road International Food Expo (2018)   We have joined the Belt and Road International Food Expo (2018). Consul General Mr. KIM Youn-kyung has kindly paid a visit to our booth and enjoyed our healthy Korean snacks. Our products definitely satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth in a healthy way!   我地參加左「首屆香港一帶一路國際食品展2018」。 大韓民國駐香港總領事館代表金先生都有親身黎到我地既攤位支持, 仲好鍾意我地嘅健康小食添😆! 希望更多人可以享受到我地有益又好味道嘅產品啦!      

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Elaia X Watsons launch Korea’s No.1 Diet Product ‘DEVIL DIET’ in HK!

Elaia X Watsons launch Korea’s No.1 Diet Product ‘DEVIL DIET’ in HK!   Are you still considering a big bowl of boring and bland salad for your diet? No worries! Devil Diet drink can keep you on tract to fulfilling your weight control goals! Just consume one pouch each day before or after meal, which facilitates your bowel movement and suppresses fatty acid production. From now on, you can enjoy a wider variety of food without guiltiness. Devil Diet includes garcinia cambogia and dietary fiber that can facilitate your bowel movement and suppress fatty acid production, helping you to lose weight [...]

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CHAEGAMI ORGANIC KIMCHI solution for your business Chaegami is Korea’s trusted brand for premium organic Kimchi, using only organic ingredients and first class bay salt from Taean. Chaegami produces and offers healthy and safe Kimchi made with 100% pure organic agricultural products. What’s more, Chaegami’s organic Kimchi is stored in a patented container with a special breathable film to vent out the natural gas formed during the fermentation process. This keeps the Kimchi fresher for longer without worrying about leaking the sauce and changing taste so quickly, and even helps Kimchi become more natural probiotic-rich gourmet food. [...]

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BABIJOA MEDIC & ORGANIC RICE solution for your business Medic Rice and Medic Glutinous Barley: The rice and barley, natural and raw material in itself, are literally coated with the colors of the natural and organic vegetables and ingredients, which referred to as the “Color Rice” or “Color Barley”. These Color Rice and Barley get high responses from even children who do not like vegetables or rice, and if consume with a variety of natural food with these “Medic Rice” and “Medic Barley” daily, it is also very effective in daily diet and preventing diseases for grown-ups as [...]

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Cheong Hyeon’s Jeju Samgyetang

Cheong Hyeon’s Jeju Samgyetang solution for your business A famous Korean chicken soup with ginseng and other nutritious herbs to supplement the energy in your body Why Cheong Hyeon’s Jeju Samgyetang? : Use raw materials grown in the clean natural Jeju Island, and no Bird Flue & AI clean environment’s chickens. No antibiotics! Furthermore, use real chicken feet broth without MSG use. Jeju Samgyetang : Jeju Samgyetang is one of the Korea traditional food, it is an invigorating soup made by putting various healthy ingredients - including ginseng, glutinous rice, and jujube - inside young chicken, and boiling everything together. [...]

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“O’ Hee Suk’s BUGAK

“O’ Hee Suk’s BUGAK solution for your business The grand master Oh-Hee-Suk’s traditional and natural crisps “Bugak” is clean and healthy snack, made out of solely healthy seasonal vegetable ingredients, including vegetables, plants’ roots, seaweed and pure vegetable oils which is heading for 0% trans fat. Bugak is a dried seasonal vegetable or seaweed, coated in glutinous rice and fried in vegetable oil for less than 5 second. “Oil doesn’t smear on hands!” Well dried Bugak under the sunlight never leaves oil after cooked. Bugak is a complete Slow Food made through 12 steps with elaborate preparations.   [...]

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ME;REAL HEALTHY RICE SNACK solution for your business Delicious eco-friendly snack use super grains and plentiful Beta-Glucan Black Garlic Rice Snack : Black Garlic is a fermented garlic and one of the Global 10 Super Food. It has various nutrients such as Polyphenol and helps lower cholesterol. Kimchi Snack : Kimchi is Korean fermented food, which is a very healthy and has lots of vitamins and helps to promote digestion. Kimchi is spicy but Kimchi snack lessened the spicy flavor for everyone to enjoy it with pleasure. Tumeric snack : Tumeric is full of curcumin which is good at [...]

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ORGANICA PREMIUM & HEALTHY SNACKS solution for your business Organica is a premium whole food company from Kora that specializes in organic foods and wellness products. Natural Roasted Sweet Potato : Roasted and half-dried snack made of 100% sweet potato Honest Bar : Honest Bars are premium natural snacks that contain the ‘honest’ flavor and nutrition of dried fruits and nuts, free from poorly chosen ingredients and artificial additives. Quinoa Crunch : Quinoa Rice Crunch is made with Nurungji technique traditionally known for its medicinal attributes of Korean rice. It is a healthy gluten free snack with roasted [...]

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SUNNUTS SUPERFOOD ALMOND SERIES solution for your business Styling up the Casual Seasoning Nuts! Think Your Health Almonds” Series makes your body feels great by adding healthy superfood ingredients with various taste. Aronia Almond : Aronia which is the most popular fruit in Poland is called “King’s berries”, it is widely known by having rich Anthocyanin and Polyphenol than other berries. Aronia is a Super food which has an effect of eliminating body waste & toxic materials, preventing aging and caring cardiovascular disorders. Also, Anthocyanin which is in Aronia is famous for high antioxidant effect. Cacao Nibs Almond : [...]