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DAL DAM solution for your business Sweet and chewy nutritious well-being snack made with 100% natural ingredients without additives   Semi-Dried Sweet Potato: Made with 100% natural sweet potato steamed and dried, free from additives and preservative and greatly popular as nutritious snack and diet food for adults and children Persimmon Under the Sun: Made with 100% Persimmon dehumidified and dried for long with cool air, thus the product carries much of natural sugar and become tender and chewy. Roasted Chestnut: 100% fresh chestnut matured and grilled with care these soft and folavorful chestnuts in bites size are [...]

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JAYEON ONE Healthy & Organic Drinks

JAYEON ONE Healthy & Organic Drinks solution for your business 5 Free 100% Organic Juice : 5-free means No artificial flavor, sugar, color, preservatives, additives. It has Children’s organic favorite food quality certification. 5 free 100% squeezed orange juice : 100% organic Orange 5 free 100% organic fruit & vegetable juice : organic vegetable mix (50%), organic orange, organic white grape 5 free 100% organic strawberry & grape : organic white grape, organic strawberry 5 free Korean balloon pear juice : pear concentrate, tangerine extract, balloon flower concentrate, ginger concentrate Real Fruit Vinegar : Well-aged homemade style with [...]

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KWANGCHEONKIM’S ORGANIC SEAWEED (LAVER) solution for your business As the most well-known seaweed brand in Korea, Kwangcheonkim has over 60 national distributors and is exporting to over 50 countries. Laver is an excellent food because of its high nutritional values. KwangcheonKim uses original seaweeds harvested with their best quality during the lunar months of Dec. to Jan. Then store them in their refrigeratory facility below -25℃. After processed with special made sesame oil and bay salt, it provides the most healthy and delicious seaweed products. Nutritionally, seaweed is the highest in Vitamins B1, B6, B12, C and E of [...]


K-Jang Cooking Sauces

K-Jang Cooking Sauces solution for your business K-Jang Cooking Sauces are made with Korea’s traditional fermented high-quality sauces to be simply used for cooking Beef Bulgogi Sauce : It is a sauce product made with MAC Joseon soy sauce as the base and has soft and deep palatable taste. Pork Bulgogi Sauce : It is a sauce product that enables you to prepare the most Korean style pork Bulgogi, removing pork smell by seasoning with black pepper and ginger and adding the palatable taste of MAC Joseon soy sauce and unique taste of traditional red pepper paste. Bibimbap [...]

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Gangwon Korean Ginseng

Gangwon Korean Ginseng solution for your business Gangwon Ginseng : Taking the advantage of virgin soil (without replant failure) and optimal climate condition (great daily temperature range), we have produced superb quality of ginseng, having solid, tight textures with very peculiar scent. 6 Years Red Ginseng : After sorting out 6-year-old ginseng, red ginseng have been made by repetitive steaming and drying process then its moisture content should be less than 15% by moistening/compressing processes, strictly inspected by Ginseng Inspection Authority appointed by the government. Korean red Ginseng Extract Gold : Made by brewing and extracting 6-year-old red [...]

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All Natural Deodorant “SANGKEUMI”

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