K-Jang Cooking Sauces

K-Jang Cooking Sauces solution for your business K-Jang Cooking Sauces are made with Korea’s traditional fermented high-quality sauces to be simply used for cooking Beef Bulgogi Sauce : It is a sauce product made with MAC Joseon soy sauce as the base and has soft and deep palatable taste. Pork Bulgogi Sauce : It is a sauce product that enables you to prepare the most Korean style pork Bulgogi, removing pork smell by seasoning with black pepper and ginger and adding the palatable taste of MAC Joseon soy sauce and unique taste of traditional red pepper paste. Bibimbap [...]

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Gangwon Korean Ginseng

Gangwon Korean Ginseng solution for your business Gangwon Ginseng : Taking the advantage of virgin soil (without replant failure) and optimal climate condition (great daily temperature range), we have produced superb quality of ginseng, having solid, tight textures with very peculiar scent. 6 Years Red Ginseng : After sorting out 6-year-old ginseng, red ginseng have been made by repetitive steaming and drying process then its moisture content should be less than 15% by moistening/compressing processes, strictly inspected by Ginseng Inspection Authority appointed by the government. Korean red Ginseng Extract Gold : Made by brewing and extracting 6-year-old red [...]

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A famous Samgyetang from the clean Jeju Island, Korea

A famous Korean chicken soup with ginseng and other nutritious herbs to supplement the energy in your body Elaia presents JEJU Cheong-Hyeon’s Global Food, Samgyetang! Why Cheong Hyeon’s Jeju Samgyetang? : Use raw materials grown in the clean natural Jeju Island, and no Bird Flue & AI clean environment’s chickens. No antibiotics! Furthermore, use real chicken feet broth without MSG use First Step to produce Samgyetang: clean the local chickens and other ingredients which are raised from clean Jeju island. The fresh chicken arrives every day to produce Samgyetang. put all other ingredients in side of chicken like fresh [...]

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Discover Premium & high quality 6-years-old Korean red ginseng at 楼上 in Hong Kong

Gangwon Ginseng, mystical power of nature, cultivated from one of the cleanest region in Korea! “If you come in contact with Gangwon Ginseng, you become a part of nature.” Since established in Gangwon Province, main production area of 6-years-old ginseng, Gangwon Ginseng Cooperative Association has strived for the development of ginseng industry in the region as well as improvement of actual profit of ginseng growers. As Agricultural Cooperative Association, they have specialized in production of 6-years-old ginseng and red ginseng to the distribution of completed products across the nation. Certifications of Gangwon Ginseng Cooperative Association   Gangwon Ginseng Cooperative Association [...]

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Organic Kimchi launched at City Super

Since the Korean culture became popular in Hong Kong, Korean food has also become one of the most popular cuisines in the city. Discover the authentic taste of Korean delicacies and many other organic and natural products at the Korean Food Fair held at the City’Super stores during this hot summer. Hongkongers love Korean style fried chickens and kimchi, but have you tried Chaegami’s organic Kimchi? First time ever, Elaia Holdings (Hong Kong) limited brought the first varieties of Organic Kimchi from Korea to consumers in Hong Kong. Chaegami is Korea’s trusted brand for premium organic Kimchi, using only organic [...]

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