Organic Kimchi launched at City Super

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Organic Kimchi launched at City Super

Since the Korean culture became popular in Hong Kong, Korean food has also become one of the most popular cuisines in the city.

Discover the authentic taste of Korean delicacies and many other organic and natural products at the Korean Food Fair held at the City’Super stores during this hot summer.

Hongkongers love Korean style fried chickens and kimchi, but have you tried Chaegami’s organic Kimchi? First time ever, Elaia Holdings (Hong Kong) limited brought the first varieties of Organic Kimchi from Korea to consumers in Hong Kong.

Chaegami is Korea’s trusted brand for premium organic Kimchi, using only organic ingredients and first class bay salt from Taean. What’s more, Chaegami’s organic Kimchi is stored in a patented container with a special breathable film to vent out the natural gas formed during the fermentation process. This keeps the Kimchi fresher for longer without worrying about leaking the sauce and changing taste so quickly, and even helps Kimchi become more natural probiotic-rich gourmet food.

Here are some Chaegami Kimchi products available throughout the City’Super stores in Hong Kong:

  • Organic Cabbage Kimchi (Mat Kimchi)
  • Organic radish Kimchi (Kkakdugi)
  • Organic Big Radish Kimchi (Seokbakji)
  • Organic Yeolmu Kimchi
  • Organic Bossam Kimchi