Elaia participates in Natural & Organic Product Asia (NOPA) 2017

//Elaia participates in Natural & Organic Product Asia (NOPA) 2017

Elaia participates in Natural & Organic Product Asia (NOPA) 2017

Elaia participates in Natural & Organic Product Asia (NOPA) 2017

NOPA is the most established natural & organic products’ international exhibition. The Expo covers 4 major segments: The natural food show, Natural beauty & spa, Natural living and Health and nutrition.
During the NOPA exhibition, Elaia introduced many different kind of products from Korea which cover nearly all the categories, in order to meet our customers’ need and requirement in a more comprehensive way.

Elaia Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited, located in the Central District of Hong Kong (the heart of Hong Kong), the center of Asia and global economy, provides buying/sourcing, import/export, and trading services of the finest quality premium products, including premium natural and organic food and beverages as well as unique and innovative houseware products.

Elaia offers unique products which are the most well-known Korean traditional food, like Chaegami’s organic and vegan Kimchi and a natural Samgyetang from Jeju Island, the cleanest place in Korea!

Chaegami is Korea’s trusted brand for premium organic Kimchi, using only 100% organic ingredients and premium salt from Taean bay.

And Jeju’s Samgyetang is specialised in use chicken feet broth to make natural rich soup flavor, no MSG, no antibiotic, non-growth shots, no bird flu and A.I. clean chicken mixed with fresh ingredients from Jeju Island.

Let’s check more products that we have introduced during the exhibition.

With beautiful coloured rice coat with healthy, natural extract which makes the products nutritious, high quality, and colourful, allowing people to eat more healthily and also you can enjoy the fun cooking process at the same time too!

“MEREAL RICE SNACK”, the rice snack is healthy puffed brown rice snacks with four different flavours. Gluten free, 0% fat, rich in fiber, not fried and also free pesticide.

OH HEE SUK’s crisps “BUGAK”, the grand master Korean traditional crisps is natural, vegan and healthy snacks. It’s made out of solely healthy seasonal vegetable ingredients and pure vegetable oil which is heading for 0% trans-fat. Absolutely 100% natural, No chemical, No additives & No preservatives.

“SUNNUTS SUPER FOOD ALMONDS”, Super food almonds series makes your body feeling great by adding healthy superfoods ingredients like aronia, cacao nibs and red ginseng.

“SUNNUTS SCHOOL NUTS”, small pouch for kids! A variety of nuts that are known to be good for brain and body development are combined in school nuts.

“ELFINE SPREAD”, 4 types of spread (Green tea, black tea, cacao nibs and coffee flavour)!!
It is great for your breakfast or snack.
No artificial flavor and No preservatives, which contains the original tea spread for great taste.

“K-JANG’s COOKING SAUCE”, this premium cooking sauces are made with Korea’s traditional fermented height quality cooking sauce. Gluten free, No MSG!
(4 types: beef bulgogi, spicy pork, tteokbokkgi, bibimbap sauces)

“ORGANICA’s PREMIUM SNACKS” are included Natural roasted sweet potato, Quinoa crunch and Honest bars.
Also, it is natural, vegan, Gluten free, No additives, No sugar, No colouring too!

“JYONE’s ORGANIC KIDS JUICE” is the organic kids juice with five no: no artificial flavour, no sugar, no colouring, no preservatives, no additives.

It is a 100% natural and well being dried fruit snack.

Most are made by the 6 years ginseng roots with just different in packaging and size, making more user friendly, convenient to carry and some of them is honeyed to preserve its natural state for you!

A famous “KWANGCHEONKIM’s Organic seaweeds” are organic certified, the natural seaweed laver products!

Many visitors are interested in our natural and premium organic products. It is no doubt that all of them were tasted special and healthy with attractive packages that you just cannot stop loving it!

Let’s check out more photos from the event!

We are always ready to meet and listen to our customers and do our best to fulfill their needs and requirement, and guarantee our products’ quality!

Thank you all for coming, we will do the best, as always, to provide the products that fits your needs and requirement. If you are interested in our products, just let us know, feel free to contact us at any time and we are looking forward to hear from you soon!


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