Cheong Hyeon’s Jeju Samgyetang

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Cheong Hyeon’s Jeju Samgyetang

Cheong Hyeon’s Jeju Samgyetang

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A famous Korean chicken soup with ginseng and other nutritious herbs to supplement the energy in your body

  • Why Cheong Hyeon’s Jeju Samgyetang? : Use raw materials grown in the clean natural Jeju Island, and no Bird Flue & AI clean environment’s chickens. No antibiotics! Furthermore, use real chicken feet broth without MSG use.
  • Jeju Samgyetang : Jeju Samgyetang is one of the Korea traditional food, it is an invigorating soup made by putting various healthy ingredients – including ginseng, glutinous rice, and jujube – inside young chicken, and boiling everything together.
  • Jeju Abalone Samgyetang : Adding abalone to Samgyetang, make it healthier. The main ingredient, chicken, is a high-protein, low-fat, and low-calorie food. Ginseng and abalone, which never fails to be in the dish, is effective in overcoming fatigue, depression, anemia, and diabetes mellitus. For these reasons, Jeju Abalone samgyetang is emerging as one of the healthiest Korean foods.

How to eat

  • Pour contents in a pot, then boil 10~12mins over medium-high heat
  • Put retort package into the boiled water, then warm it up 15~20mins
  • Use a microwave, warm it up over 8~10mins
    (Add spring onion, garlic, salt according to your preference)

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