Korean Food Festa 2019

//Korean Food Festa 2019

Korean Food Festa 2019

Korean Food Festa 2019
29th September – 7th October, 2019

Are you a fan of AEON Supermarket? Elaia Holdings’ natural products from Korea were showcased in the Korean Food Festa booth from 28th September to 7th October. Including healthy snacks, seaweeds, kimchi and dumplings, etc. The products we offered during the Korean Food Festa were sold at a discounted price, as to promote more people in Hong Kong to have a taste of the Korean style food!

您係唔係AEON嘅粉絲呢? 由9月28日至10月7日,Elaia Holdings嘅皇牌韓國天然產品係AEON韓國食品節上架啦!我地上架嘅食品包括韓國入口健康零食,唔同口味嘅有機紫菜,泡菜同埋韓式餃子等美食。我地嘅食品係AEON韓國美食節期間以優惠價出售,務求令更多嘅客人可以品嚐到地道嘅韓國風味!

The Korean Food Festa have also invited chefs to cook the dumplings and other Korea food for customer to try. It was such an excellent chance for Hongkongers, especially Aeon fans, to try healthy snacks from Korea! 



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