K-food Summer Promotion in City’Super

//K-food Summer Promotion in City’Super

K-food Summer Promotion in City’Super

K-food Summer Promotion in City’Super
27th – 28th July, 2019

Authentic Korean cold noodles and premium hand-made style dumplings were sold in Citysuper! We have set up a promotion booths to offer tasting to customers! Please check them out. They are high-quality with great taste. It’s a perfect combination of Korean snacks for hot summer in HK! We are the first company who bring these two products to Hong Kong, we promised to bring the original taste of Korea to all of our customers!

正宗嘅韓國冷面同埋高級手工餃子係Citysuper出售啦! 我地擺左一個促銷攤位,為顧客提供冷面同埋餃子嘅試食! 大家試完之後都大讚我地嘅食物高質,又好味道又健康。 絕對係喺呢個炎熱夏天嘅好選擇!再加上我地係第一個將呢兩種韓國食品帶嚟香港嘅經銷商,保證將原汁原味嘅韓國味道帶俾大家!

【Cold cup ice noodles】
Cold cup ice noodles, spicy cup bibim cold noodle is hot trendy this summer!
No need to boil noodle, prepare stock and sauce for making this famous korean noodle.


With 20 years of professional experience and knowledge, makes high-quality, healthy and creative dumpling products, and it is committed to develop and introduce high-quality Korean dumplings for everyone and to satisfy the customers.



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