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Elaia provides services of overseas agencies, partners, or companies to be partnered or merged in order to develop and expand overseas businesses.


Elaia Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited (“Elaia”), a boutique advisory, consulting and investment firm, providing advisory and consulting services to high profile international companies, organizations and regulators in predominately gaming industry but expanded to cosmetics, entertainment and other industries. Elaia has helped various companies and organizations to set up appropriate presences in a specific market and/or region, put together market entry strategies, investment strategies, partnership strategies and bid strategies as well as put together research papers to support various regulations in Asia. The owner and the principals at Elaia have deep relationships and senior government experience in Asia.

Another core business of Elaia is sourcing and developing the finest quality, meticulously developed product line of complete Houseware, Food, Beauty, Fashion, Jewelry and such – both from brand partners and from the best possible manufacturers in Asia and other parts of the world – and integrating this product lines into a total premium Life Style concept.

History Of Elaia Holdings

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